The Mastercard MasterPass Race

The MasterPass Race by MasterCard was a highly successful sponsored USSD game campaign. The MasterPass Race is a free-to-play game taking the player on an epic journey through South Africa.

The game has a total of 17 levels – one for each of 17 facts about Masterpass that made up the product education aspect of the game. The player becomes the hero in the story, playing soccer in East London, walking the beaches and surfing in Durbs, catching a rhino poacher, sipping cocktails in Sun City – a real adventure!

The purpose of the game was to educate the market on the benefits of the Masterpass App and to promote its widespread adoption. Over 688 000 players started the game and 87% of these completed their profile, providing valuable information to the brand. 37% of the players finished all 17 levels of the game. In addition, 45% of the players starting the game, downloaded the Masterpass app.

In addition to USSD, Digitata Insights can also create unique, visual Smart Games. These are interactive, retro-feel, web-based games, adaptive to all types of smart devices from smartphones and tablets, to desktops. Smart Games can be used on their own to target smartphone audiences, or paired with a USSD sponsored game to reach all phone users.

Following the success of the MasterPass Race USSD game, MasterCard wished to promote MasterPass merchants and increase the number of transactions using the MasterPass App. Since MasterPass users must have a smartphone to make transactions, MasterPass sponsored a matching Smartphone game for their next campaign.

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