This project entailed a new high-end graphic, yet user-friendly and brand-central sponsored Smart Game, that would be free to the subscriber. It was custom-developed for Unilever, a major South African consumer brand, to educate users on the need to use water wisely and engage with two newly launched products in a fun and entertaining way.

The game was adopted in both a smart phone environment as well as USSD platform and ran from 23 November 2017 till 8 January 2018. Of the 425 551 players that started playing the game, 328 385 finished the game, and 6 844 of these were smart game users.

The average game time spanned 10 minutes and the start to finish conversion was 77%. 71 864 players viewed the weather report on the USSD game and a total of 120 000 litres of water was donated to Cape Town.

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